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Storefront of a small bistro

Every business owner in Florida should have access to affordable and reliable security for their commercial property. For instance, your storefront should be secure and have a functioning doorway that inspires confidence in anyone that enters your business.

Most importantly, you need to trust that the entry to your Florida business or storefront is secure in your absence. This is why you need a trusted commercial locksmith, which can be difficult to find Luckily, Angel Locksmith is exactly the trusted commercial locksmith service you need in Davie, FL.

That being said, you should learn about a few affordable and inexpensive ways to protect your Florida business or storefront, which is exactly what we will discuss today. It will help you get the most out of the security of your commercial property.

Tips to Protect Your Florida Business

Here are a few tips to help protect your Florida business or storefront from security threats.

  • Use Commercial Locks Instead of Residential Ones

Too many business owners overlook the importance of a good commercial lock and instead opt for residential or private locks that most people use in their homes. It isn’t your fault for not understanding the difference, but as most commercial locksmith services will tell you, doing this is a common mistake.

Residential and private locks are designed for homes, whereas commercial locks are specifically designed for business security, giving them the added security and usage a commercial property requires. Commercial locks are designed to withstand more usage and wear and tear.

Hence, they will save you more money in the long run because you won’t have to change the locks as often. Moreover, worn-out residential locks are easier to break, making them a bigger security threat to your Florida business or storefront.

  • Rekey Instead of Changing Locks

Another big misconception is that you need to change the locks every time you want to change your security or when the locks are exhausted; this is not true. Changing locks every time can be quite expensive and often unnecessary. 

Instead, it would help if you considered rekeying your existing commercial locks. Rekeying means the pins inside the locks are changed, allowing you to use a different key for the same lock, rendering the old keys useless.

You should, however, always opt for a trusted, professional commercial locksmith service like Angel Locksmith in Davie, FL, for rekeying. They will use professional rekeying kits that come with fresh keys and pins and ensure the highest level of security for your commercial locks.

  • Do Not Forget Routine Maintenance

We cannot stress enough how important routine maintenance of your commercial locks is for the longevity of the locks, the security of your commercial property, and the reduction of your expenses. Most people think that it is completely normal when a lock starts to stick after a while of usage.

While most locks will commonly do this, it isn’t normal or acceptable. Most people think that wiggling the key to unlock or reinserting the key for better “grip” is fine, and they continue to use their locks like this for years.

However, this is detrimental to the lock as it can reduce its overall lifespan and security function, resulting in expensive replacement or worse. Instead, if you start to maintain your commercial locks routinely, you can extend their lifespan much longer, make them more secure, and always have a smooth experience using them.

Maintenance is not difficult; applying a lubricant on the bolt work, keyhole, and latch now and then can do the trick. You can get detailed maintenance advice on your particular lock and door from a professional commercial locksmith service like Angel Locksmith.


The security of your Florida business or storefront should not break the bank or compromise on key aspects. However, if you follow the mentioned tips to protect your Florida business, you will experience a more secure commercial property most affordably.

Of course, if you have any trouble with your commercial locks, their maintenance, or if you need to rekey them, we highly recommend Angel Locksmith, the best commercial locksmith service in Davie, FL. If you want to learn more tips to protect your Florida business, or if you need professional commercial locksmith services for your business or storefront, please visit the Angel Locksmith website today.

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