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Video surveillance or video protection makes it possible to protect your home effectively. In addition to an alarm system, a CCTV system deters burglars and makes it possible to react quickly in the event of a fire. Here’s everything you need to know about CCTV systems to help you understand why they are important and why your home or office needs one! 

What is a CCTV System? 

A home video surveillance solution consists of cameras and a player-recorder connected by an analog communication system or an IP network. The videos can then be viewed from your home using the viewing software installed on your computer or remotely via your smartphone. 

The video surveillance cameras make it possible to identify any intruders or fire outbreaks and send a message immediately either to the house’s occupants or to a remote surveillance company. Cameras can also communicate with an alarm and send information to it. 

Video surveillance offers a first-choice alert and deterrence system. CCTV is inevitably the video version of remote monitoring that consists of one or more cameras equipped with motion detectors. When the surveillance camera detects a danger, a suspicious movement or an intrusion, the house alarm is triggered, and an alert is sent via telephone, SMS or email to the owner or the security service. Its function is to alert the person concerned at the desired time. 

Thus, a CCTV system, in addition to a wireless alarm or a wired alarm, has many advantages: 

  • Security is reinforced thanks to the real-time vision, 
  • Advances in technology allow high-performance devices: infrared cameras or 360° cameras, for example 
  • Installing IP cameras does not require major work. 
  • Video surveillance, like the audible alarm, also helps to deter intruders. 

Remote Monitoring with a CCTV System 

Remote monitoring is an effective protection solution to protect your loved ones and home from intrusions. Much more than a simple alarm, it is a solution that connects an alarm system to remote monitoring operators. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it protects you at all times, even when you are not at home. It consists of the following equipment: 

  • A stand-alone alarm center integrating a Sim card for secure GSM/GPRS transmission 
  • A powerful 110 dB alarm siren to warn of intrusion. 
  • Motion detectors, incorporating color video cameras, placed in strategic locations to record the actions of intruders 
  • Opening detectors that reveal intrusions through windows and doors 
  • A micro-speaker allows operators to listen to protected areas and summon the intruder to identify himself. 

When a detector detects an intrusion in your home, an alert is transmitted to the monitoring center. The operator can listen to suspicious noises from a distance via the loudspeaker and call out the intruder via the integrated microphone. If the identification code given by the latter is false or there is no response, the operator views the color videos recorded by the cameras integrated into the motion detectors. If these confirm the intrusion, the surveillance company calls the police directly via a dedicated line. 

Unlike CCTV cameras that continuously record the home, those of the remote monitoring system record only when an intrusion is detected. In this way, you have the assurance of respect for your privacy. Remote monitoring systems are particularly suitable for the needs of private homes. 

The only disadvantage of a CCTV system is its price. An entry-level camera costs a lot. In addition to the cameras and the monitor price, there’s the installation and the annual maintenance fee. Indeed, wired cameras require work to run the cables. On the other hand, IP cameras do not require work but a computer network, which can also be expensive. 

Different Innovative Features in CCTV System 

  • You can keep an eye on your loved ones for home support, but also chat with them. Thanks to the microphone and speakers integrated into the cameras; you can see, hear and speak. 
  • There are high-resolution CCTV cameras that offer you High Definition video quality, otherwise known as “Full HD.” Much more useful than conventional security cameras, they make it easier to identify a burglar in the event of a real intrusion. 
  • Some CCTV systems come with a privacy mode when you are at home. An intimacy mode also exists when a housekeeper, carer, home nurse or friend is home. 
  • Some motion detector cameras are equipped with  pattern recognition technology that can recognize humans, animals, cars from other movements—no more false detections with this advanced technology. 
  • Some CCTV systems offer a customizable real-time alert technology so that you are only alerted by what is important to you: when children return from school,  fire, power cut, etc. You can configure your cameras remotely to receive the information that interests you by SMS or notification or unlimited email. 
  • In addition, you can define exclusion zones so that you only receive relevant alerts. 

You can find different surveillance companies or locksmith Davie, FL! Do not hesitate to contact them to discover the operating principles of different CCTV systems and identify the one that best suits your home. 

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