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Sliding doors have become very popular as they fill your home with a lot of daylight, improving energy efficiency. However, like all other things in your household, sliding doors can also face challenges that require immediate repairs. So, it is crucial to know how to operate the sliding door. There are some tips you should know when it comes to sliding door and window repair services.

1. Clean and Lubricate Roller Tracks

Dirt can collect on the track causing your door to jam; thus, as you open and close your sliding door, it may feel like you are moving it through a gravel pit. It would be best if you used a damp cloth to remove the grit and any other debris collected along the lower and upper tracks and the rollers. If you find a lot of dirt has accumulated, you can add baking soda and scrub the section to remove the excess dirt.

After your roller tracks are clean, you should lubricate them to avoid the formation of rust. Using a silicone lubricant can help prevent dirt buildup along your roller tracks.

2. The Quality of Your Rollers Makes a Difference

Sliding doors have a lot of different components. Rollers are essential as they ensure your door slides along the tracks. Installing low-quality rollers can cost you as they are prone to breaking. Using the chipped rollers for a long time will damage the door’s track, causing more damage. Repairing the tracks can lengthen your sliding door and window. When you need sliding door repair services, we can help.

3. Signs Your Sliding Door Requires Maintenance or Replacement

People assume their door is unlikely to break, especially if it appears strong. However, with time and how you take care of your door, it is bound to develop signs of weakness. Knowing these signs can ensure your sliding door doesn’t reach a point of posing a security risk. Sliding door repair services or replacement should be done when your sliding door becomes difficult to open and shut, even after clearing dirt on the tracks and rollers. Also, if you notice gaps around the door and frame making the door misaligned, contact professionals. This may necessitate a repair. When your door starts making some irritating noise, and your rollers and frame are damaged, this may indicate that you need to repair or replace your sliding door.

Your sliding door or window requires attention to ensure it lasts for a long time. Above are some things that most don’t know about sliding door service and repairs. Our experts are licensed and trained to handle any issues with your sliding door. Contact Angel Locksmith for professional sliding door and window repair services.

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