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Sliding doors leading to balcony

Sliding doors are a great addition to your home. They move along a small track inside the frame that makes them glide open and close smoothly. There is a good chance that you’ll come across some problems with the doors and not know what to do. We recommend that you take a look at some of the common problems you can fix before you call us about our sliding patio door repair service.

1. Stuck Doors

Is there anything worse than trying to carry in bags of groceries or taking the dog for a walk and finding that your sliding door is stuck? The most common reason it sticks is that you have a buildup of debris in the track. This can include pet and human hair as well as grease and dust. Try removing the doors and cleaning the track, or call about our sliding door repair services.

2. Broken Glass

When the temperature rises and then suddenly drops, the glass inside the doors may expand and contract. When the process happens too quickly, the glass will shatter or break. One of the nice things about modern sliding doors is that they use tempered glass, which should keep the broken pieces inside the frame. You will still need to either replace the glass or replace the door. Make sure that you take care of the problem quickly as broken glass is a major hazard.

3. Alignment Issues

When the alignment is off, you’ll find that your doors either don’t slide or that they feel loose. We recommend realigning the doors with the track. You can try pushing on the door to make it “snap” back into place, but this won’t help if the issue occurred because the track is bent. With our sliding door repair services, you can guarantee that your doors work great.

4. Broken Locks

One of the downsides of using sliding doors is that the included locks aren’t very strong. When someone tries to break into your house, they can do a lot of damage to your locks before they run away. Many stores sell stronger security latches that you can easily install yourself, or you can call and let us install a new lock. Our sliding screen door repair service calls can fix your broken locks and replace any damaged latches too.

5. Busted Screens

If you have kids or pets, don’t be too surprised if one of them runs through your screen door. Even leaning against the screen or putting too much pressure on it can rip the material. A new screen fixes the problem and lets you pick a material that is stronger to withstand more abuse from your family. Screen replacements are a popular sliding screen door repair service that we offer.

Don’t feel stuck with patio doors that aren’t right for your home. At Angel Locksmith, we can help you choose new doors or fix the problems you had with the old ones. Contact Angel Locksmith, for a sliding patio door repair service or any other help you need.

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