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We’ve all been there – when you’re in a hurry to leave and have ten other things on your mind, you rush outside the door and slam it shut, but once you reach your car, you realize you’ve left the house keys inside and have ‘successfully’ locked yourself out.

A tiny second of a lack of attention, and you’ve got yourself in a scary and time-consuming situation that will now involve calling a locksmith and spending money. This recurring incident can be avoided once you train yourself to adopt a few life-changing ways.

Here are some proven ways of how to prevent a house lockout.

Lock from The Outside

This has to be one of the cleverest pieces of advice you’ll ever get regarding this whole locked-outside-your-home situation. It is the best way to avoid the entire chaos. It will help you remember to keep your house keys with you at all times. Also, you will have the thought at the back of your mind to lock the house before leaving. This is a win-win situation as your house door will not get locked, and you won’t have the fear of being locked outside of your home, especially at odd hours.

Make It a Habit to Check Your Keys before Leaving the House

Remind yourself constantly that you need to have the house keys with you before stepping out of the house. It will not be accessible at first, and you may have to go back inside again and again. Sometimes you might have to write it down on your front door so that you can be reminded to pick up your keys. But in about three weeks, you’ll be carrying your house keys like a pro.

Keep a Spare Key at All Times

There are no second thoughts about this. Everyone must have a spare key to the house in the car or bag. It is not wise to have just one key that roams around the entire house sometimes with someone else and sometimes with you. The key can get lost, and there is a high chance of you getting locked out of the house when that happens. Make copies of the key and keep it somewhere outside the house where only you and your family members know to look for.

Make Use of a Lock Box

Some people might not find hiding the key a suitable option. For them hiding a lockbox can seem like a much safer and more convenient option to go for. So, when you get locked outside the house the next time, the key will be available to you wherever you’ve placed the lock. The lock will require a code that only you and the people living in the house will know. This will allow you to relax and not be worried about getting locked outside your home and not having a backup plan. Second, it will put an end to your worry about burglars breaking into the house using the spare key that is hidden somewhere outside.

Update Your Locks to a Smart Lock

If you have the budget for it, do yourself a favor and update the locks of your house. It will forever get rid of the problem of being locked out. But yes, you do have to remember the code for this one. There are many intelligent locks out in the market. Some come with face locks, eye-scanning locks, others with fingerprints, and some with a mix of codes and keypad locks. However, you must be aware of the battery issues of these locks. If the battery runs out, you might have to open your house door manually.

Get Yourself a Key Finder

If the above options don’t impress you, how about opting for a key finder? If you’re someone who loses their keys very often and has to make trips to the locksmith now and then, this is an intelligent way to go about the situation. It is an excellent solution to all your critical problems, and you will never have to worry about finding where your keys are because it will do it for you.

If you find yourself in a house lockout, in Davie, FL, contact Angel Locksmith or call (954)-326-6994 for all types of locksmith services, door repairs, and installations.

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