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Everything today being highly advanced demands top tech protection. Even though countless reliable computerized access controls and electronic locking systems are available in the market, they have their cons. This is where a master key system comes in.  

A master key system is a set of locks that are keyed together and have an individual key called a passkey. They can be opened through both a master key and a passkey. Under a master key, there can exist different groups of locks. For example, if you live in a house with six bedrooms and you have around ten keys that lead to every room of the house, the master key will be able to open all rooms of the house.  

Regardless of how well you follow the process of keeping your master keys safe, they can still be compromised. Here’s how to fix a master key system.  

Fixing A Master Key System  

A master key system involves a pin and other components that fit into an existing key to make it work. There are, however, many instances where you need to fix a master key system. Be it your home, office, school, etc., you can set a master key system in the following ways: 

To enhance the security of your home or premises, it is essential to fix or rekey your master key system. it involves adding a new mechanism but does not add a new addition of keys to the key ring. The process is not a tough one as it consists in removing the pins and springs from inside the locking cylinder and then replacing this with a new set of pins and springs that work fine inside the master key.  

It helps with many things, such as it allows you to gain effortless control over your property, and say, for example, you work in an organization, and you each have a key, they can be accounted for. It also leads to fewer keys with fewer people, eliminating half the confusion.  

When Should You Fix A Master Key?  

You feel relief that all your valuables are locked up securely. A master key helps provide the utmost security and a sense of protection. It is necessary to constantly maintain your master keys and check for any repairs and maintenance. One way to go about it is to replace your old master key lock with a new one.  

Many reasons call for a master key fixing: 

  • When you move into a new home, whether the house had a master key system before or not, you must check whether the master key system requires a fix. You never know who has the spare keys, and there will always be a doubt of someone breaking in. It is best to get a new master key system altogether.  
  • Losing the master key or passkey: Due to our busy lives, we tend to lose our keys here and there. Sometimes they get stolen, and the critical systems have to be changed no matter what. There are high chances of a crime being committed if you don’t get them changed. 
  • Right after a separation: Although most people will find this odd, a divorced man or woman can’t be trusted due to high emotions, so it is best to change the locks for your and your family’s safety.  
  • Theft: If a burglary is reported at the house, the first thing you need to do after calling the police is to change your master key system.  

It is best to fix your master key system to avoid life-threatening consequences or loss of personal belongings. If you know nothing about changing locks, you can contact Angel Locksmith for all your locksmith and security needs as well as sill & track cleaning needs in Davie, FL.

We offer 24/7 reliable services by locksmith specialists who are adept at all kinds of lock and key systems. Call our experts at (954)-326-6994 and give yourself the peace of mind you and your family deserve.

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